What to Think During the Lord’s Supper

A common refrain we sometimes use as we partake of the Lord’s Supper is that God help us to put the cares of the world out of our minds and think about the gravity of this moment of worship. We ask Him to help us think about what really matters.

The potential trains of thought are plentiful. We can dwell on:

  • The innocence of the Son of God
  • The unfairness of the kangaroo trial that sent Him to the cross
  • The mockery and beatings He endured to save mankind, including the lives of the very people mocking and beating Him
  • The damage to His body as represented by this unleavened bread
  • The blood that spilled from His body over several hours as represented by this cup
  • The communion that we share with each other on this day as God’s children

There is at least one other thought worth considering at this time: What am I going to do after this memorial is over? How am I going to keep this “new covenant” with God written in the blood of Jesus the rest of this week, until we gather here again next Sunday?

Do this in remembrance of Him. Then remember Him in your words and deeds.

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