Teaching Aids

Paul Escapes Damascus

Paul Escapes Damascus

Artwork & Photos
Spice up your classes with visual aids. The options include photos from Bible lands, maps of the world as people knew it in Old and New Testament times, and illustrations from old books that are now in the “public domain,” which means they are free to use.

Bible Characters
The Bible is full of interesting characters whose stories can bring the overall gospel narrative to life. The materials here include an 18-part series on Jesus, a one-year study of various characters broken into four quarters, and encyclopedias of characters that teachers can use to create their own materials.

Bible Class Materials
This page points teachers toward either complete curricula or comprehensive study guides and class materials about books and characters of the Bible. Class materials on baptism, the church, denominations, parables and other topics also are available. Separate pages feature materials for children’s Bible classes, including games, puzzles and quizzes.

Charts & Tables
Charts and tables can help students absorb information more readily. The tools at this page include scripture-by-scripture analyses of select topics, profiles of Bible characters, and a list of Old Testament prophesies about Jesus along with the New Testament passages where they were fulfilled.

Tech Tools
Teachers have an array of technological tools at their disposal in the digital age. Visit this page for links to Bible software, mobile applications, search tools and more.