Jack GloverEditor’s note: As I recall, my father initially created this website on the Tripod hosting service in the 1990s. He was so dedicated to creating a valuable resource for Bible students that one Christmas, I gave him the gift of a professional website redesign. A generous brother in Christ did the work for a nominal fee, and BibleStudyPage.com was born.

When Dad passed away in July 2016, I decided to keep Bible Study Page online in his memory. I upgraded the site and expanded the content using a WordPress template, and I plan to add fresh content and write new articles here as much as time allows in the future. I also have created a complementary Facebook page, so please check it out and “like” it to get new content pushed to you via social media. Now before you start exploring this new version of Bible Study Page, let me tell you about my father, the saint who spiritually molded my three brothers and me into the men we are.
— Danny Glover

Here is my father’s description of how Bible Study Page came to be:

My name is Jack Glover. I am truly concerned about the attitudes of people in this nation toward God and His word, thus my appeal from the old Restoration Movement: “Back to the Bible!”

Here are a few facts about me personally: I have been happily married for 50 years to a great gal (Bobbi), and we have four wonderful sons. All are Christians. We have 12 grandchildren. I began preaching God’s word while serving in the Navy and continued to do so for several years, on an appointment basis, upon my return to the Ohio Valley. I preached at congregations in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I had to slow or stop several activities and eventually had to retire from my secular job because of pain, spasms and fatigue. I presently serve as one of the elders in the Paden City church of Christ, having begun that work in 1981.

After MS and other health issues limited my activity, I began acquiring quite a bit of religious information from online searches during my own study. One day while meditating on how I could be more useful to God and His work, it occurred to me that maybe I could use the Internet in some way. I created this page, which consumed much of my time for several years.

I know there are other pages somewhat like it, so I’m not sure if it will be useful to you. If you think it is, I would love to know so I don’t spin my wheels. There is a lot to be added to this page yet, as it will be constantly under construction while I compile links and create original material, so please keep checking back.

I hope my page will be of some use to you. Good studying.

P.S. Let me invite you to worship with us…

Church of Christ
P.O. Box 242
Paden City, W.Va. 26159

Bible Study: Sunday, 9:30 a.m.
Worship: Sunday, 10:15 a.m.
Worship: Sunday, 6:30 p.m.
Bible Study: Wednesday, 7 p.m.